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Working together to innovate your industry, Astuto’s all-in-one solution helps gas and energy company like yours to overcome their biggest challenges and drive real change. 

A Software Solutions Company Specializing In Gas and Energy Businesses

100+ projects down the line. 15+ years of experience. As a software solutions company, we initially focus on our six strongest markets: Custom Control & Administration Software Development Services, Service Company’s Software Development, CRM and Bookings Platform Development, Manufacturing Software Development, Retailers App Development Services, and Construction Software Development. We have since branched out into numerous different industries to offer custom mobile, desktop, and web application development services that empower change. Find your market below and let’s work together to spearhead your industry’s evolution.

And there is more…

As your preferred software development and digital marketing company, we can tailor your solution to help you achieve your goals.

Business and

Utilize technology to maximize business productivity, develop business communication solutions and team communication apps, make remote teams work, drive change, and spark motivation in your organization.

The Total Control of Your Shop in one hand

Break boundaries and streamline your way towards new artificial intelligence discoveries. It’s time to push the limits of what’s possible.

The Future is now

  • Implementation of the Customized Smart Service Station model

  • Diagnosis of digital maturity of the company. Hardware, software and devices protection

  • Process Digitalization to respond in a timely manner to the business needs

  • Geo Localization GPS Live Tracking Technology

Digital Transformation

  • Assistance in the creation of a business digital culture (Change Digital management)

  • Adaptation of systems for profitable and efficient operations

  • Development of innovative solutions based on 4.0 Industry technology

  • Data analysis to improve the customer experience

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Beyond the software is the development of technological solutions for the Energy industry to transition the world into sustainable energy.